I've successfully helped individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds to make sense of their thoughts, feelings and experiences. Helping them to go on to enjoy life more fully.
It may be that you've never spoken to anyone about what's troubling you, whether that's out of embarrassment, worrying about what others may say or do, or not wanting to burden others. 
Counselling is confidential and non-judgemental. My job is to help you figure out what you can change and to come to terms with what you can't. Helping you to understand your own strengths and weaknesses and developing new skills to move your life forward
. Therapy increases self knowledge, which improves confidence and self esteem. 

Couples counselling

It's easy to take a relationship for granted and before you know it you've lost sight of what brought you together.
Maybe you've had a sudden, unexpected situation to deal with and instead of pulling together, you feel like you are being pulled apart. Perhaps you're worried that you've drifted apart, due to career or family responsibilities.
When your relationship is more work than fun, then couples counselling can help you to assess what's gone wrong. It can help you discover what you still share, repair your communication and rebuild your relationship.


Parenting can be extremely challenging and when there are other pressures such as family break ups, bereavement, illness or peer pressure and bullying, it can seem unmanageable.
Although you may want to help your teenager, this is the point at which you may find that they shut you out - escalating responses on both sides.
This is where I can help. Young people can find it easier to talk to someone who is not involved in their everyday lives. This gives them the space to understand situations and their part in them, make new decisions or feel calmer and more able to communicate their needs appropriately.

I ensure that young people understand that for their safety there are limits to confidentiality, so that if I feel that they are at risk we would let parents and guardians know.



I provide a warm, non-judgemental working relationship to support and develop your counselling practice. I'm able to work face to face or remotely via phone.

I welcome and value all the experience and skills you bring to your work as a practitioner.

In return, as an integrative practitioner, I enjoy working collaboratively and creatively and will bring in elements of psycho-dynamic, person centred, TA, solution focussed and play therapies.

I have experience of supervising counsellors working with adults and children.

I've completed a certificate in Integrative Supervision using the Hawkins and Shohet model.

 I work within BACP guidelines and will encourage an awareness of ethical considerations within a changing environment.

I provide a free hour long initial session for potential supervisees as this will help us both make an informed choice about our ability to work together. I believe that the working relationship is the foundation for effective supervision
My fees for supervision are: £40 per hour or £60 per 90 minute appointment.
Concessions available for students